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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back on April 1st, I instituted a real, honest to goodness competition.
When one comments, one is required to enter a random clump of letters to show one is not a spambot.

I have asked that commenters turn these into words and define them, with the very best winning something at the end of the year.

It's been a month - so how are we doing?

Eletingl - the creeping sense of horror you get when you suspect that a large animal has crept up on you very quietly and is now RIGHT BEHIND YOU.
- Lucy McGough

offacho: The kind of sneeze that makes you fall backwards from the bench you're sitting on.
- mand

saxirei: a complicated variety of clasp worn at the neck of Plyoogian cloaks and capes.
- mand

Armina - small Muslim country hiding in the mountains of Kazakhstan, hoping that no-one invades it. Exports horse-milk yoghurt and turquoise.
- Lucy McGough

frinessa: the state of being unable to distinguish between memories and dreams. Can occur when asleep or awake.
- Lucy McGough

dersh: the sound all that water makes when you close your umbrella suddenly
- mand

Noppr - Someone who, though tired beyond all reasonable measure, is prevented from taking refuge in sleep due to being sat at a desk (usually at work, though in the case of a noppree little work will actually be taking place).

Sometimes caused by being set a tedious task by your employer, or 'nopprific'...
- Graymalkin

mulneden, which is the practice of denying, while EITHER holding one's nose OR suffering a broken nose or nosebleed (though some authorities hold that mulneddlibbnen is the more correct term in the latter case), that one has recently ingested mulled wine.
- mand

So far so good. Keep commenting! And I'll attempt to post things that make you want to comment a bit more often, to keep the momentum going.


mand May 8, 2009 at 8:55 AM  

I've just thought of linking to this in my sidebar. So i have just linked to this in my sidebar. (Under subsection 7.) There may be some imaginative types out there on Twitter too...?

You could put a brief sticky post at the top of the blog so newcomers realise this is on.

strona: a piece of spaghetti that is too long, narrow and wily for any reasonable person to expect you to capture it with dignity.

Just so you know...

I don't know what this bit is for. Perhaps I should give it a purpose?

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